Make your Apple Watch
a true health coach

Transform your Health with Your Intelligent Digital Companion

Transform your life with every step, embracing a vibrant, healthier, and more energized lifestyle journey

Track, Reflect, Improve

Every workout is recorded for a complete picture of your progress. Identify strengths, target areas to enhance, and evolve your fitness journey with us. Let’s achieve your best together.

Metabolic Insights Enhanced

Leveraging Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) integration, we elevate sleep tracking to offer profound insights into your daily readiness and energy levels. With FitWoody, understand and optimize your metabolic health for peak performance every day.

700 kcal

525 kcal

Sleep smarter

With advanced tracking, FitWoody transforms your sleep into actionable insights. Wake up to a deeper understanding of your rest patterns and optimize your sleep for better health and energy.

Empower Your Day

We celebrate every (small) victory

Our advanced gamification system is fine tuned to motivate you so you don’t give up on the marathon that is live. We celebrate every attempt, and every struggle. Because every (small) step counts towards living a healthier and happier life.
FitWoody will always be on your team.

Meet Your Shape-Shifting
Fitness Companion

Just like a Tamagotchi, this delightful buddy transforms with every workout and mood swing. It’s not just about counting steps or tracking calories – it’s about having a fun, interactive pal who grows and changes just like you do on your fitness journey.


Streaks that maters

Forget the conventional, stressful fitness streaks. FitWoody offers you adaptive streaks that acknowledge your body’s natural recovery needs.


Move with Purpose

FitWoody turns your daily movements into meaningful data. Track, analyze, and enhance your activity patterns for a more active, healthier lifestyle.

Streamline Your Day: Track movement and sleep with a tap. Quick, simple, effective.

Your data
None of Our Business

Cori has been designed to respect your privacy. All the information you save in the app belongs to you. We cannot access it and we don’t sell it to third parties.

It goes where the native app does not, offering highly relevant information and presented in exquisite detail. It improves with each new release. 🔝


App Store review

If you are looking for an app that takes advantage of iOS 17, here it is100% quality and a beautiful design (glitter inside) 😉

Julio César Fernández

Developer Evangelist

Not all people who do sports are elite athletes. Aesthetically pleasing and rigorous data monitoring apps are appreciated. Congratulations.


App Store Review