Hello, FitWoody Family! We’re absolutely elated by the astonishing reception of our Beta 1 launch! In just 48 hours, we’ve been joined by 130+ wonderful folks like yourselves on this invigorating wellness journey. Your phenomenal support and trust have left us in awe – thank you! 💪

What’s in TestFlight with FitWoody Beta 1?

Our Beta 1 is packed with exciting features to help you unlock your full potential:

🌟 All-In-One Health Data: FitWoody compiles all your wellness data in one spot, offering a comprehensive snapshot of your health. Be it workouts or sleep habits, we’ve got your back.
🌟 Check Your Workouts: Monitor and picture your workouts in an unprecedented way. Stay driven as you witness your fitness milestones come to life on your screen.
🌟 Sophisticated Sleep Analysis: Your sleep quality matters to us! Beta 1 features meticulous scrutiny of vital sleep metrics like glucose levels, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, and even dissects your sleep phases to ensure you’re achieving optimal rest.
🌟 Metabolic analysis during sleep: Get insights of your health and wellbeing thanks to the analysis of metabolic metrics like heart rate variability, resting pulse, respiratory rate, temperature, blood oxygen levels.

What’s Coming Next Week?

We’re brimming with more delightful surprises for the forthcoming week:

🌟 Apple Watch Training App: Brace yourself for the FitWoody app on your Apple Watch, offering a seamless workout experience right on your wrist.

🌟 Today’s Metrics on Apple Watch: Check out all those incredible metrics we gathered in a dedicated FitWoody app for your Apple Watch. Stay updated and informed, anytime and anywhere.

Important: iOS 17 & TestFlight

FitWoody requires iOS 17. To jump into this exhilarating experience, you’ll need to get TestFlight, Apple’s platform for beta testing, on board. Fear not; it’s as simple as ABC! Just fetch TestFlight from the App Store and follow the straightforward instructions to get access to our Beta 1.

How TestFlight Works:

TestFlight allows us to share the latest beta versions of FitWoody directly with our community. Once you’ve installed the TestFlight app, you’ll receive notifications when new beta updates are available. Simply click the link in the notification to download the latest FitWoody.

We can’t wait to see you all thrive on your wellness journey with FitWoody. Beta 1. Keep providing your invaluable feedback, as it helps us shape the app to perfection.

Let’s continue this empowering journey together! ⛰️🔥

Note: FitWoody Beta 1 is currently available on iOS 17 only, and TestFlight is required to access the beta version.