Hello Campers! 🌲

We’ve always said that the FitWoody journey is full of surprises, adventures, and breakthroughs. In the spirit of keeping things fresh and delightful, we recently rolled out a surprise release: Beta 2.5. But that was just the start. Now, we’re here to discuss the all-new Beta 3 and what it means for your fitness adventure.

The Surprise: Beta 2.5 and the ‘Today’ Zone

We couldn’t wait for Beta 3 to bring you some delightful updates, so we dropped a surprise: Beta 2.5, with the special addition of the ‘Today’ zone in the Apple Watch app.

FitWoody Beta 3

Woody on your Wrist!

Your beloved mascot, Woody, is now just a wrist-glance away. We’ve brought Woody right to your watch to keep you motivated, cheered, and reminded that every step counts.

Move it, Move it!

Our movement objectives are now right where you need them—on your wrist. Track your daily progress, get a gentle nudge when needed, and celebrate every milestone.

Dream a Little Dream

Knowing the importance of a good night’s sleep in a fitness journey, we’ve also incorporated sleep tracking right into the Apple Watch. Track your Zzzs and wake up every morning with insights into your restful nights.

Beta 3: Taking It Up A Notch

FitWoody Beta 3

While Beta 2.5 was all about surprise delights, Beta 3 is where we amplify your fitness experience:

iPhone Workouts:

Why limit the training to just your watch? Beta 3 introduces workouts on your iPhone, making it a powerful companion to your Apple Watch during your exercise sessions.

Live Activities:

Engage in real-time with live activities. Whether it’s tracking your run, analyzing your heart rate, or celebrating a completed set, stay in-the-moment with this dynamic feature.

Our journey together is all about evolution, surprises, and constant growth. Beta 2.5 and Beta 3 are just the latest in our commitment to ensuring FitWoody offers you the most delightful and effective fitness experience.

But remember, Campers, this is just the beginning. The trail ahead is long, filled with more features, surprises, and innovations. So, stay with us, keep sharing your feedback, and let’s make fitness a joyous journey together!

Stay fit, stay adventurous!
The FitWoody Team 🌲🏃