Hey FitWoody Enthusiasts! Are you excited to be a part of the FitWoody Beta and help shape the future of our app? Get ready to experience exclusive features and be the first to try out new updates! It’s all possible with TestFlight, Apple’s platform for beta testing.

Step 1: Download TestFlight

  1. App Store: Open the App Store on your iOS device.
  2. Search for TestFlight: Type «TestFlight» into the search bar.
  3. Install TestFlight: Tap «Install» to download and install the TestFlight app.

Step 2: Access FitWoody Beta

  1. Get the Invitation: Once you’re a part of our exclusive FitWoody Beta program, you’ll receive an invitation email with a link to join the beta.
  2. Open the Invitation: Open the invitation email on your iOS device.
  3. Start Testing: Tap the «Open in TestFlight» button within the email.

Step 3: Install FitWoody Beta

  1. Accept Invitation: In TestFlight, you’ll see the FitWoody Beta invitation. Tap «Accept» to proceed.
  2. Install FitWoody Beta: Once accepted, tap «Install» to start the installation process.

Step 4: Enjoy FitWoody Beta

  1. Launch FitWoody Beta: Once the installation is complete, tap «Open» to launch FitWoody.
  2. Explore and Test: You’re all set! Begin exploring the exciting features of FitWoody and provide valuable feedback to help us improve.

TestFlight Tips:

🌟 Stay Updated: Keep an eye on TestFlight for any updates or new beta versions of FitWoody. Tap «Update» to get the latest improvements.

🌟 Submit Feedback: Your feedback is invaluable! Use TestFlight’s feedback feature to report bugs, suggest enhancements, or share your thoughts directly with us.

Join FitWoody Beta Now!

Ready to experience FitWoody like never before? Embrace the power of TestFlight and be at the forefront of fitness innovation. Together, we’ll create an extraordinary app that helps you achieve your health and wellness goals!

Note: FitWoody Beta is available for iOS 17 and later versions. Become a part of our Beta program and let’s make wellness history! 💪🔥

Disclaimer: Please remember that beta versions may include new features or bugs yet to be addressed. Your participation helps us optimize the app for the best user experience.