Introducing FitWoody Camp, the app designed to be your ultimate companion on the path to a healthier lifestyle. Exciting News: The public beta launches this Thursday! And in September, it will be available on top screens! Discover the journey from Cori to FitWoody and how we’re empowering you to understand your body like never before. Embrace the joy of movement, reconnect with nature, and make informed decisions with our holistic approach. Join the FitWoody public beta now and embark on this thrilling adventure toward a healthier, happier you.

From Cori to FitWoody: A Journey of self-knowledge

FitWoody’s roots lie in our passion for simplifying health management with Cori, our app that focuses on diabetes. As we delved deeper into the complexities of diabetes, we came to understand that this disease encompasses a holistic view of the human body. Diabetes affects not only blood glucose levels but also cardiovascular health, mental well-being, and overall lifestyle.

However, we also recognized that many people loved Cori’s approach to health management, even those without diabetes. They appreciated its data-driven insights, user-friendly interface, and personalized guidance, but they yearned to utilize its benefits for general well-being. We firmly believed that everyone, regardless of health condition, deserved to harness the power of Cori’s comprehensive understanding of health.

The Apple Watch at the Heart of FitWoody

By leveraging the capabilities of the Apple Watch and its seamless integration with FitWoody, we aim to empower users to comprehend the interconnected aspects of their well-being. FitWoody doesn’t just focus on isolated health data; rather, it strives to provide a complete picture of your health. With «Woody» as your guiding companion, we are committed to helping you understand and nurture all aspects of your body, mind, and soul.

We understand that every person’s health journey is unique and multifaceted. Therefore, FitWoody aims to offer a holistic approach, guiding you towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. We believe that by comprehending all the pieces of the puzzle, you can make more informed decisions and take meaningful actions to improve your overall well-being.

Embrace Nature’s inspiration

Nature has been a significant inspiration for FitWoody. We envisioned it as a space of greenery and tranquility that helps you break free from your daily routine. It’s this inspiration that led us to create «Woody,» your faithful companion who embodies the spirit of nature and motivates you to embrace a more active and vibrant lifestyle. Just like a serene forest or a refreshing hike in the mountains, FitWoody aims to infuse the wonders of nature into your daily life, making each step of your fitness journey a delightful experience.

Understanding Data, Empowering decisions

We understand that we are surrounded by data, but often lack the context to truly comprehend its significance. What good is it to know your HRV is 50 if you don’t even know what HRV means? At FitWoody, we bridge that gap by providing you with the necessary context. We believe that informed decisions lead to meaningful actions, and that’s what sets us apart. FitWoody is about reconnecting with the joy of movement while gaining a deeper understanding of your body. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about putting those numbers into perspective and empowering you to make positive lifestyle choices. By providing context to your health data, FitWoody aims to empower you to make well-informed decisions and take actionable steps towards your well-being.

Join the FitWoody Beta Today!

So whether you’re strolling through a park, cycling along a scenic route, or simply taking a moment to breathe in the fresh air, FitWoody is here to accompany you on your journey. We are excited to embark on this adventure with you, and we can’t wait to witness the positive impact FitWoody will have on your life.

Join the FitWoody public beta today! You need an iPhone with iOS 17 and an Apple Watch with watchOS 10. Don’t miss this chance to be a part of something truly exciting! 🌳🏞️🏃‍♀️