Self-care shouldn’t be a competition

Your journey towards a healthier life begins here. Join us now and let’s take the first step together towards a better you!

Encouraging Activity Without Overwhelm

FitWoody is for Humans. An app for those who want to be healthier by doing some exercise. Those who think that self-care should not be a competition. It should be a right and a gift to yourself.

We take care of all those things that make us human and not robots. That make us special. Like menstruation, menopause, cognitive problems, vision problems, walking dystrophies, wheelchair, etc.

Because we all have the right to be taken into account.

Workouts that go from your Apple Watch to your iPhone

FitWoody takes the Apple Watch to the next level. Built for watchOS 10, it takes advantage of all the latest features. From mirroring workouts to your iPhone to a customizable Action Button.

Through our Live Activities feature, exercises come alive in real-time, with simultaneous mirroring on the iPhone to offer a richer visual feedback. Really useful when cycling or indoor running.

Post-workout, FitWoody’s app on iPhone or iPad delves deep into this data, analyzing the intricacies of your session. It looks at intensity, duration, and even integrates readings from CGM’s if you have one. This comprehensive analysis ensures that workout suggestions are not just generic but tailored precisely to your physiological responses.

Analyze Your Sleep To Adapt Your Day

Sleep is a critical component of overall health and can significantly influence your performance and recovery. FitWoody’s advanced approach incorporates this understanding to enhance your fitness journey

Sleep Analysis: Initially, FitWoody harnesses the power of the Apple Watch to capture intricate details about your sleep patterns, from duration to depth.

Metabolic Analysis: Beyond mere sleep tracking, the app assesses the metabolic data gathered during sleep. This analysis allows FitWoody to gauge your physical readiness and energy levels upon waking.

What is in our Roadmap?


We’re working on an amazing FitWoody app tailored for watchOS 10. The ultimate fitness experience right on your wrist!

iPad experience

We’re crafting an enhanced FitWoody experience tailored for the iPad. Brace yourself for an immersive fitness adventure on a grander canvas!

Your data is yours

FitWoody has been designed to respect your privacy. All the information you save in the app belongs to you.